Wide Awake and Dreaming

I'm dreaming of a song. What are you dreaming about...?


The Last Tycoon Power Trio

Power trio playing live in Atlanta...


The Last Tycoon - Live in Athens Video

Here's a taste of a new song played live in Athens, Georgia at the Flicker Theater...

The Last Tycoon Shows Coming Soon


Stay tuned for a new batch of tour dates to be announced shortly. New things coming....

The Last Tycoon Live in Lawrence

Here's a shot from tour in Lawrence, Kansas. New Midwest dates are coming soon...


The Last Tycoon - Live in Atlanta

Here is a clip from our recent show at 529 in Atlanta, Georgia. It's a taste of something new to come...

The Last Tycoon - Live in Albuquerque

Here is a clip of something new from a concert in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The Tycoontour out west showed some new songs from the upcoming album. Enjoy this teaser taste.

Atlanta Concert Dec 5th at 529

The Last Tycoon is playing a full band show in Atlanta on Dec 5th at 529. Also on the bill are Boo Reefa, The Titios and Julian Morena. Music starts at 9:00

The Last Tycoon at 529 Dec 5th